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Chapter II: Voluptua As Theological Phenomenon

In our introductory post we discussed the difficulty of placing Voluptua’s extraordinary capacity for domination within any kind of uniquely appropriate contextual framework as contrasted to that of Female Domination as such. Something marvelous, powerful, and thus far inexplicable happens when we come into her presence. We have best attempted to characterize it as a kind of alchemy in which the substantive flesh of Voluptua becomes, in some unspeakably sexual fashion, indistinguishable from a larger, holistic conception of beauty itself, and simultaneously appropriates or acquires all the attributes of absolute omnipotence with respect to power on the physical plane and yet, (and this, too, simultaneously) channeling, or perhaps creating from within her Being, the medium and catalyst for absolute transcendence of that very physical plane. The result is, that despite being possessed of the physical size and strength to unleash unparalleled corporeal punishment to her subject, in reality, she often does not have occasion to avail herself of these attributes owing to the fact that her subject so frequently achieves Kenosis (self-emptying) almost instantly upon entrance into her presence. The most cursory and brief contemplation of Voluptua’s divine body, and the subject has a strong tendency toward X-Treme psychic disorientation without any exchange of actions having transpired. The obvious resemblance of this unexpected phenomenon to religious ecstasy through Ritual Worship is sufficient to have led us to determine that it is reasonable, as a first attempt, to place Voluptua’s incomprehensible power within the context of Theology. Hence, I welcome you to part 2 of our study of Big Beautiful Woman as Dominant Femme with: Voluptua as Theological Phenomenon.

Worship in the Flesh.
We have all experienced it in the presence of Big Beautiful Women. Our fear is palpable as we behold in awe the gigantic pillars of sumptuous, implacable flesh that are her legs. Her ass is as if Jupiter itself had been split in half and caressed in firmly gelatinous satin overlay, more sensuous to the touch than any substance in the universe. We are rendered speechless by the smooth, irrepressible power on display in her massive, luscious upper arms; arms that could snap your neck like a twig in the throes of her unimaginably painful headlock. If, on top of all this, she has the face of a fallen angel, as she often does, this too, her full, sexy lips, eyes that command you, the marvel of goddess’s own incarnate expression channeled through her, is a significant element in your undoing. And what happens next? Her Majesty MOVES! Now, all this unfathomable beauty is wedded to motion. Miracle of miracles! With each slight shift of her weight, her flesh does a dance of death, shaking this way, quivering that way, impossible to process. And then, an actual step or two. She is probably in high heels, and now she starts toward you and her entire body sways and swirls—gigantic, formidable, sheer, unadulterated BEAUTY itself—into a kaleidoscopic force of nature, the sight of which breaks you into fragments. As she reaches you, you are already gone, deep in a state of religious ecstasy; a state from which return is never guaranteed!

In such a moment we are left without understanding. Why is it that the Substantive Flesh of Voluptua has an entirely different psychic effect on the subject than the Meta-Flesh (or Power-Flesh) of Vixen? We may certainly attribute a greatly increased element of fear, based quite understandably in the awareness of Voluptua’s greatly superior physical power, to the subject’s bedazzlement, but it seems unlikely that fear alone would produce the kind of disconnect that we have described above. In view of the fact that the subject’s plunge into what is essentially a state of dementia is most certainly accompanied by a sense of pleasure on some level, (that there is tremendous fear is not in dispute, often we may even characterize it as terror. But it does not stand solely on its own.) we must allow for his sense of appreciation as well, and here we notice that he will typically display a multi-tiered set of emotional responses in a remarkably short time. There is no doubt that we must include sensations of awe, disbelief, shock, an extraordinary attempt to process what he is seeing, love, adulation, desire, stimulation/arousal, and a wish for submergence into the perfection of her being. The impossibility of processing all these psychic responses to her presence simply causes the subject to disconnect, a sort of going on ‘Tilt’ from sensory overload. Vixen, of course, will engender these same sorts of effects in her subject as well, but they remain manageable for him in that he will typically go far deeper into the encounter with her than he is able to with Voluptua. In the end, Vixen has a like capacity for driving her subject to madness, but the unique ability of Voluptua to render it almost instantly can only be attributed to her size. Let us see, then, how size is related to absolute being on such an abnormally elevated level. What is the power inherent in Substantive Flesh to break the mind’s psychic bonds with everyday reality so efficiently, and to create a living context for Transcendence that is far more advanced than that of Vixen?

I should remind the reader at this point that this phenomenon of ‘Instant Kenosis’ we are describing is by no means the standard model in the encounter with Voluptua. The majority of her subjects will not enter into collapse quite so quickly, and will indeed be subject to Voluptua’s physical and emotional wrath. One can only envy such a man, he whose psycho-sexual stamina will allow him to experience all the abuse Voluptua has in store for him. If he survives her, he will have known the absolute pinnacle of ecstatic experience available to man on Planet Earth. Our point is that Voluptua nevertheless causes very early Kenosis on a regular basis, and that she operates from a position of such strength in either case, that she must be understood from the standpoint of Deity or Divinity if she is to be understood at all.

Critical to making progress in our inquiry, then, is to understand something of the process by which Woman’s divine flesh works its magic. In the first place, we must rule out the standard ‘survival of the species’ explanation for human attraction. This ridiculous model is so completely inept at explaining sexual attraction, that we may only point to it as another sterling example of the mind-boggling inability—and indeed refusal—of mainstream culture to understand even the most fundamental basics in the realm of human sexuality. In a nutshell, the theory states that men and women are sexually attracted to each other owing to the ‘survival’ qualities they exhibit, that is, male attraction to the woman who appears to be the healthiest, and therefore most capable of prolonged years of child-bearing, and woman to the man who exhibits the same physical qualities, or failing that, he who displays in tangible fashion the power or status that will ensure her safety and longevity in a world of manifest instability. She is looking for a ‘protector.’ Well and good. We’ve got all the ‘normal’ people covered. The proponents of this theory, presumably, would also have you believe the same when it comes to gay couples, trans-genders, bi-sexuals, and of particular interest to us, Women of Power and submissive men. A show of hands, please, from all the men out there who crave the mousy little wife and a houseful of rug-rats. None? I thought as much. From you wonderful, glorious, beautifully powerful women out there who want to spend your lives wiping shit from the asses of infants and who have so little confidence in your own power that you need a man to lead and guide you. Not one. You may well have men to take care of all your needs, but if so, it will be because you rule over them with an iron hand!

So, if attraction really has nothing to do with this survival nonsense, it follows that it has to do with something even more fundamental, and that is Power. Voluptua is in control because she has the power to command it. And in her case, this is not only the psychic power, which Vixen also manifests in profusion, but particularly the power of her massive body, which threatens her subject with annihilation at her slightest whim. This particular brand of power is coded within her Substantive Flesh and reaches her subject on a level superior to the senses, though it is, of course, transmitted by virtue of her impeccable, devastating flesh. Her body speaks her power into existence, and her receptive subject receives it kinetically as the certainty of a wrath unlike any he has ever imagined. But it is more than this. Her unfathomable physical power also carries within it the promise of the most incomprehensible sexual potentiality he has ever known. And so the duality of her conflicting messages, the one of the most severe corporeal punishment, and the other of orgasmic pleasure the likes of which he will never experience at the hands of another, transmitted entirely by her Substantive Flesh and powered by what is always an attitude of abject Imperialism, throws the subject into inner chaos the likes of which he is utterly unequipped to resolve. This is Attraction; For Voluptua, the intensely erotic experience that accompanies the wielding of her awesome power, and for her subject, the esoteric, mind-altering experience of becoming wholly subjugated by such a force as she embodies. We see here, then, that Voluptua’s enormity, the overwhelming threat presented by her incomparable, Substantive Flesh, has unrestricted potential in terms of the sexual management of her subject.

And what does all this have to do with Theology? Much, in every way. We can now easily see that the subject’s lapse into instant delirium (Kenosis) is caused, not even so much by undiluted fear of Voluptua, as by the unparalleled state of confusion engendered by the fact that she holds him in complete suspension of will at every level of negotiation. In the presence of Vixen, for example, the subject always maintains certain presuppositions. Sexuality and Power are sure to comprise the ingredients for ritual, and there is a sense, at least on some level, of a certain kind of predictability. But the addition of Substantive Flesh to the equation, in the case of Voluptua alone, throws off the entire equilibrium of the encounter, introducing an element that simply transcends any coping mechanism possessed on the part of the subject. That element may only be described as follows: The very quality of Voluptua’s flesh contains within its physical attributes a mechanism for generating psychic vibrations that if received by the receptive subject actually initiate the movement toward Transcendence, known as Kenosis. This transmission of energy, added to the state of general confusion that Voluptua has created in the subject, translates him into a state of religious ecstasy. And this brings us to the very definition of Worship and Ritual, indeed of Religious instinct as such. It is the metaphysical basis for our understanding of transcendence. Worship is borne of our inability to understand ultimate truth, and no one embodies this ultimate mystery more than Voluptua in her element. She is at once Male’s greatest hope and greatest nightmare. He is unable to comprehend her greatness on any level. His love for her, his reverence, his fear, his confusion, his inability to process the divinity of her massive, gorgeous body, his intense desire for her, and his wish that she consume him completely—that he be buried within her glorious body—(baptism), all this throws him into deep and quite serious psychosis when confronted with her presence. This, then, is the beginning of our understanding of Voluptua as Theological Phenomenon. She is, in fact, the Incarnate God. (I refrain from using the proper gender-based designation of ‘Goddess’ here, simply because it carries with it the implication of ‘one among others,’ when, clearly, Voluptua’s modality—and this would be corroborated by any of her legion subjects—is that of ‘The One and Only.’

In conclusion, we have taken a significant first step in understanding The Big Beautiful Woman as Dominant Femme. She is called ‘Voluptua,’ and as absolutely supreme physical phenomenon, she comes to us as supreme object of Ritual and Worship. She is to be best understood through the language and structure of Theology, owing not only to the spiritual spell she casts, but especially to the fact that it is often accomplished through the unique mechanism of kinetic vibrations transmitted from her Divine, Substantive Flesh. Big, Beautiful, Powerful Voluptua; God Incarnate. There is none like unto her.

Join me for the next segment of our study in which we will go deeper into the divine mystery of Voluptua by taking a more detailed look at her holy weaponry with: Voluptua: The Kinetics of Substantive Flesh.


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The Big Beautiful Woman As Dominant Femme: Preliminary Considerations

In referring to preliminary considerations, it is probably more accurate to consider this humble beginning a ‘search’ for preliminary considerations. For the truth is, our subject is so highly resistant to analysis that it forces us off into uncharted territory from the very outset. Wandering in shadows, we grope for a compelling question or two that might serve as launch points only to find that our subject has tricked us again and disappeared ‘beyond the horizon,’ as it were, leaving us with mere handfuls of air in place of our hopes for a proper and effective ground that might serve as a solid foundation for what we feel sure would be a quite elaborate and internally complex structure; a most fascinating and compelling structure; if only we could get a line on its locus and identity. We are left hung out to dry, still at a loss to discover even the appropriate questions that might guide our inquiry. Confronted with The Big, Beautiful Woman as Power-Dominatrice we realize that we are in the presence of a seemingly insoluble contradiction. For while we approach the mystery of female domination rightly from the standpoint of its being a natural anomaly, it seems that the Female-of-Size should cause the anomaly to break down precisely by virtue of her size and strength, characteristics that should serve to render her potential for domination something quite consistent with her attributes. In other words, as a big woman, possessed of increased size and power over that of the average woman, her ability to dominate should strike us as natural and unambiguous. And yet, the truth is precisely the opposite. In her, we are faced with the peculiar fact that it is NOT from these elements of size and strength that she draws her power, but rather from her appearance itself; her sexuality, her feminine allure, her beauty, her flesh, her scent, etc. In short, from all the elements that serve to empower the Standard-Body Dominant, that is, her Womanhood. But how is this possible? Her physical Being places her outside of the context of the anomaly which is precisely that which must be explained in any analysis of Female Domination. For if the anomaly turns out to be superfluous, or worse, a consistency in disguise, then the phenomenon of Female Domination is reduced to nothing more than one more consistent phenomenon among all the others, which is, of course, absurd. And so, the dilemma rears its head again, refusing to give ground. We are left with the inescapable task of explaining the fact the Female-of-Size obviously uses her advanced size and power to her advantage in much the same way that another man might use it; as might or force directed at the achievement of the desired end, completely consistent with all we know about power and its manifestation in normal everyday life. And yet, her ability to generate or initiate the event, during which her power is actually manifested, springs from the exact opposite, again, from the extraordinary fact of her being Female, the same fact that allows her considerably smaller dominant colleagues to wield power themselves. We can’t make sense of it. Female-of-Size’s power attracts, from well beyond the boundaries of the anomaly, and yet her beauty attracts with the same intensity at the very center of the anomaly. This self-contradiction must be resolved if we are to understand The Big, Beautiful Woman in her amazing role as Dominant Femme. But as you can see, the contradiction keeps us running in circles, ever returning to the starting point without so much as the proper questions with which to begin the quest. Still, if we are not to admit defeat, we must take up the task anew.

What, then, do we know? From whence may we begin to understand the power of the dominant BBW as something separate from the arena of female power in general when the presence of her Being places her by definition on the inside of that very arena? Our most basic starting point is simply the awareness of a psycho-cultural dynamic through which Male develops and maintains a powerful, we might indeed say ‘frantic’ obsession with Female-of-Size. It is in the contemplation of her physical Being that his interest in her becomes aroused, but is owing to her size alone that his potential for sexual transcendence is to be found. Of course, size alone does not suffice to lead him to interior ascension. Female’s beauty, attitude, sexual prowess, and level of dominance all factor into his internal state as well. But it is the miracle of her substance that creates the possibility. Through this division of Male’s attraction we can now see that it is indeed the size of the Female that is the decisive factor in any assessment of Male’s potential for transcendence through the course of an event. This becomes a powerful piece of knowledge when we consider the fact that our interest does not lie in whether or not Male is submissive and has a built-in predilection for dominant women in general. We are on the trail of nothing so mundane as that. We are not the least bit interested here in the basic divisions of sexual preference. Our quarry is Obsession. With Obsession, we leave the low road behind. With Obsession, we move swiftly, and virtually unnoticed, into the lofty, cool air heights of Exclusivity. And it is here that we may take the next step in building the foundation for our inquiry as we turn our attention for a moment to the experience of Male, he for whom The Amazon, The Heavyweight, The Giantess, The Big, Beautiful Goddess, constitutes the entire universe. She is no appendage for The Obsessed. She is All-in-All.

We have seen that Male obsessed with Female-of-Size operates on two levels. One level is the plane of his submissiveness itself, the fact that he correctly recognizes Female as Goddess. The second level, the far more complex of the two, is the plane in which he and Female-of-Size, through their interactions within an event, partake of varied strata of transcendent experience, the end result and ultimate purpose for the event itself. Notice that it is here, in the realm of interaction, that we get a glimpse of Female’s size at work in differentiating the event from all other possible events. It is here that her size finds perfect expression in spite of its inherent contradiction of the FemDom anomaly. Here, the perfection of her form, her lush, powerful legs, her huge, gorgeous breasts, and her fat, luscious ass work a magic on her subject that would be impossible for the standardized-body dominant. In fact, we find that Male, faced with the indescribable phenomenon of her overpowering, indomitable size, slips into a state of higher transcendence without recourse to physical violence on her part. The Female-of-Size may still use violence on her subject, and often does, but she does so as one of a multitude of choices, never as a necessity. She is True Goddess, not simply mistress or slave owner. She rules through the power of her presence. In this single fact, we find the key to our investigation. The Big, Beautiful Woman as Dominant Femme transforms the event into spiritual ritual. Worship alone is sufficient to translate both parties into transcendent experience, the oneness with Being Itself.

In conclusion, then, it will help us to proceed if we break our scant but now meaningful data into its most compact possible form. In this way, we can hope to magnify that data to the extent that we can extract a meaningful premise from which to begin our work. What it comes to, really, is that we are working here on a hunch, an intuition. We can sense something extraordinary and marvelous at work in the power-nexus of the Big, Beautiful Woman, and we can sense further that her operational dynamics function on an almost unimaginably high level, a level at which she becomes the creator of the most exquisite and esoteric event through which her prodigious sexual power is put on display. It is an intuition that leads us the suspect that in The Big, Beautiful Woman as Dominant Femme, we may be in the presence of Female Omnipotence Incarnate. Following this intuition, then, let us now turn our attention to any such impulses or observations that may have contributed to its appearance. As we investigate the following list of bullet-points, keep in mind that we are, at this point, trying only to excavate all possible elements of the phenomenon of Female Domination that appear to be unique to Female-Of-Size as contrasted to the Standardized-Body Dominant. We are NOT looking for general aspects of Female Domination as such.

Salient points with regard to The Big, Beautiful Woman as Female Dominant.
· Her significantly superior physical power/strength changes the dynamics of the event.
· She has the ability to dominate without use of actual force.
· She may achieve the complete psychic destruction of her subject having not touched him in any way, and having not directed him to violence in any way, but merely by the contemplation of her flesh. This is unheard of in the cases of standardized body types.
· Indeed the elements of contemplation and worship, the visual and olfactory stimuli, often play a much larger role in the powerful techniques of domination appropriated by Female-of-Size.
· If, then, Female-of-Size is able to rely far more upon these sophisticated subliminal techniques of domination, it follows that her entire modality of subjugation is of a kind quite different from that of the Standardized Body dominant.
· For convenience, we shall henceforth refer to Female-of-Size as Voluptua, and to the Standardized-Body Dominant as Vixen.
· Since Vixen’s dominant modality employs the full spectrum of techniques; mental, spiritual, and physical, we may refer to her approach as ‘Comprehensive.’ She mixes mental and spiritual elements at her discretion in dominating her subject, but she does not achieve her objective without recourse to the physical.
· Voluptua, on the other hand, seems to view this spectrum as more of a ‘menu’ of techniques. She may certainly appropriate a comprehensive approach if she so chooses, but unlike Vixen, she is fully capable of using any ONE technique from the spectrum to achieve her objectives at any time.
· This may at first seem a small difference between the two dominant forces, but in fact, it could not carry greater weight. What it means is that Voluptua is able to achieve her goals on a purely Spiritual level. She may accomplish absolute subjection through completely metaphysical means. Vixen is tied to the material world in terms of her technique, even though her ultimate achievements are transcendental and therefore spiritual. This fact may be clarified by stating that Vixen doesn’t ‘get it done’ without the application of physical violence.
· In light of this critical differentiation, it seems reasonable to make at least a preliminary approach to the analysis of Voluptua from a Phenomenological/Theological perspective, and to determine then, whether or not we have discovered the unique and compelling area of investigation that was the object of our fervent hope.

Join me for the next post: Voluptua as Theological Phenomenon.

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BBW & Mysticism Part II: Sex And The Unconscious

In the last post, we had reached the point of examining the structural composition of Male’s unconscious mind, and we noted that this entailed environmental, genetic, and collective (or historical) factors. Understanding the workings of these unconscious structures will allow us to understand male’s impulses to sexuality and will reveal the extraordinary power and primacy of his obsession with BBW. I should remark at this point that the study of consciousness, and particularly the unconscious, is a serious academic endeavor, a lifetime work-in-progress, if you will, and I encourage you to do more detailed reading on the subject in order to gain a more comprehensive understanding of contemporary theories of mind and consciousness. The study of semiotics, or sign study, is also vital for gaining a firm grasp on the subject matter. What I’m offering you here is a rudimentary capsulized version of these theories as they apply to our REAL subject, Big Beautiful Women.

Structurally, the Male unconscious consists of innumerable compartmentalized units of various mixtures of memory that exist not through his own life experience alone, but through the collective experience of historical Male that has become internally and progressively codified since the advent of self-consciousness itself. Throughout human history, male has been in awe of Woman’s mystical power, but he has deluded himself that he may remain somehow in control of that power by the exercise of his physical strength. Amazingly, this trait is his sole claim to superiority, and it is all that has kept him in control of social matters since time immemorial. This fact is one of the profound anomalies to be found in nature, and it stems entirely from the fact that in the human animal alone, consciousness has developed to the point of reason. Well, being able to ‘reason’ does not in any way imply intelligent reasoning, but simply that our thought processes have evolved to a particular stage. Reasoning itself, as we all know from experience, can be– and often is—dead wrong. This is precisely the case with regard to Male’s development and his deluded attempts to lead and rule human collectives. Here’s the point: Throughout nature, males are typically the workers and females are the Queens. The very purpose of the male, in light of his physical acumen, is limited to work and the assurance of progeny; that’s it. Ants and bees are perhaps the most obvious examples. The queen is the leader, and does as she pleases while the males are the drones, the worker bees that spend their entire existences serving the queen’s needs. With spiders, the males are often not even that important. Witness the Black Widow. As soon as the male has performed procreative obligation, the female has him for lunch. His usefulness has run out. Of course, I’m not suggesting that we human males are as worthless as our Black Widow counterparts. We do (hopefully!) have much more to offer. But the idea that we naturally assume the leadership role among our species is a mistaken one and is critical to our analysis of the unconscious drives and conflicts of Male, which is the point of our inquiry. So, enough of the prelim’s. Here we go.

The sexual obsession with fat girls is a reflection of Male’s deepest realization of evolutionary reality. The problem is that this realization manifests itself in its original form only in the deepest and most hidden structures of the unconscious, and therefore becomes subject to the most numerous and variegated forms of environmental conditioning as the individual male develops toward adulthood. In effect, it is more often than not ‘drummed out of him’ by the inculcation of spurious sociological mandates, most of which are driven nowadays by the corporate media in its unceasing efforts to mold the masses into one gigantic globalized consumer that can be effectively manipulated with the least possible resistance. We have already noted that the unconscious consists of innumerable units of memory that lay the conditioned foundations of the conscious personality. It is important to understand this structural complex in order to understand how it functions as a mechanism. The individual male (and Woman as well) is a representative product of EVERYTHING that has ever taken place within his particular constitutional lineage since the big bang. All of it is recorded and codified perfectly within his very DNA structure. This means that our lustful male subject and his impulses are the products of the entire evolution of the cosmos. Pretty cool! And what this means is that he is in many ways more of an evolutionary creature than he is an environmental creature. His environmental conditioning accounts for the majority of the costumes and masks he wears as John Doe, Joe Black, or whoever he seems to be in the present. But his deepest and most passionate impulses stem directly from this evolutionary, unconscious makeup, and these are generally the impulses he doesn’t understand. How can he? He doesn’t even know that these unconscious impulses exist within him. Following the thread here, we arrive at the conclusion that the real essence, the most unshakable foundations of Male’s personality consists of impulses of which he is not even remotely aware.

This is the general overview of the situation, which gives us, as I said before, a workable schematic with which to visualize the structure of the unconscious. But our BBW Lover doesn’t quite fit the profile. Or rather, he fits in in a sort of ‘reverse’ fashion. You see, the obsession with the big girl is precisely what’s encoded deep down there in the Male unconscious. It’s not only a default setting in the Male Operating System, it’s an unchangeable one as well. It starts with a religious reverence for Woman as Creator Goddess, and then evolves into BBW Worship a bit later on. This sexual vortex within the mind’s structural complex begins, naturally enough, with the human animal’s rise to self-consciousness. At this point, he becomes able to integrate concepts into the sphere of his interior workings. Realizing that it is Woman who gives life, he instinctively understands creation itself as a feminine force, and in this he is quite correct. Woman is creator, the god force, deity incarnate. Male, now gaining a compartmentalized awareness of the uniqueness of his physical strength, realizes that it is he who must attend to the hunter-gatherer part of their interactions and at first does so with right understanding and proper devotion. Of course, we know how the story goes; eventually Male begins to feel that his hunter-gatherer status entitles him to reverence as well, and the apple cart is upset once and for all.

All is not totally lost, however. During those early aeons of evolution, Woman continues to evolve physically as well as spiritually and intellectually. More and more frequently and rapidly she evolves in the direction of increasing size until eventually she appears more or less consistently as BBW, the voluptuous body-type of which we are so staunchly enamored today. Well, Early Male was staunchly enamored with Woman’s evolving form then as well, and having no TV, Newspaper, Internet, etc., he had no reference to Hollywood Chic to force-feed him any skinny-girl stereotypes. He knew he liked her bigger, and it became an integral part of his being. It remains so today. Structurally, Male is a Fat Admirer; 100%. But being also a victim of propaganda, along with his confusion about his hunter-gatherer status, as a collective, he is more than a bit confused.

Well, we’re running long now, so I’m going to stop here and invite you to join me for the next post when we’ll conclude this series by defining the parameters of this confusion, and by offering some cool solutions to the very real problem of ‘Male-As-Moron’ Syndrome, and we will see why the Big Girl is destined to reign as ultimate sex goddess sooner than later. What we will discover is that Male’s confusion about fat stems from the usual sources of sociological trouble, namely, stupidity and fear. You won’t want to miss it.

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BBW & Mysticism Part I: In Search Of The Transcendental

In this series, we are going to venture deeply into the world of BBW in order to discover and elucidate the spiritual and religious aspects of BBW obsession. For you see, to be hopelessly smitten by full figured women is something far greater than mere sexual preference. It is religion in its purest form. The unique properties of desire, allure, and raw lust that spring from a big woman’s seductive powers create the most conducive context for transcendental experience available to Male in the realm of the physical. It is actually a cross-over experience, moving fully from firm placement in space-time into higher dimensions of consciousness known as absolute or cosmic consciousness. In common parlance, we refer to this experience as Mysticism. If we are willing to put in a little extra work in the areas of physics and metaphysics, we will actually be able to account for this transcendental phenomenon in terms that are quite specific.

To begin, we must first follow this thread of logic:
1. As the song says, we are stardust. Thus, we are composed entirely of cosmic components.
2. BEING is pure consciousness. The Cosmos as a whole is a fully conscious entity.
3. As all matter and energy share the conscious quality of the larger cosmos within which they appear, our human bodies, brains, and minds (our interior energy-systems) also share the characteristic of consciousness.
4. Full figured Woman, possessing the far superior body with far superior mass (& therefore energy also) generates a significantly higher field of consciousness than her skinny counterpart, and this is especially true with regard to sexual consciousness. This expanded potentiality grips Male (both psyche and body) in profound and forceful ways thus causing a radical alteration in consciousness on his part.
5. Sexual consciousness and energy are drastically heightened owing to the fact that they are the most transcendental of all human energy-systems. This also explains why males who are obsessed with big women are so much more passionate and driven to please than their slender counterparts. The simplest way of saying all this is that the BBW preference is in reality more of a spiritual preference than a sexual preference. It originates in a far deeper area of the unconscious than does attraction based upon cultural stereotypes, and it is within this deeper structure that our impulses-to-transcendence reside. To become one with the voluptuous woman is to transcend our 4-dimensional universe and enter into the realm of Cosmic Consciousness. Not that the shift to this all-seeing state is automatic, but the sexual encounter with the exquisite body and uniquely feminine psyche of the BBW is the catalyst that opens the door to this extraordinary potentiality. Still with me? Cool. Now let’s look at this process in more detail.

Sexual chemistry occurs, not on any sort of macro level, but actually on a sub-atomic level. An exchange of consciousness happens during any encounter with any other entity, human or otherwise. But in the case of human encounter, and we’re talking now of any encounter in which sexual energy may be exchanged, the sub-atomic particles that comprise our individual perception of consciousness are jumping rapidly from one body to the other and back. This two-way traffic of particles results in a feeling, which is then absorbed by the nervous system and transferred to the pleasure centers within the brain. The power of a full figured woman’s flesh serves to generate an extraordinarily powerful transmission of wave particles, what Teilhard de Chardin has called ‘grains of absolute consciousness’ as a result off her unique combination of beauty and size. Through her thick, gorgeous, incomparable flesh, Male comes to perceive immediately the potential for ascending to a higher reality, the translation into a higher dimension in which perception becomes pneumatic rather than sensory. With communication accomplished, all that remains is the relative strength or weakness of his social conditioning (in other words, whether or not his desire can be diminished as a result of his inculcation with the skinny-girl media stereotype) and, of course, the one truly personal element of whether or not there is attraction (for either person) on individual levels such as ‘pretty/handsome face, hair/eye/skin color, sexy demeanor, confidence/tentativeness, etc.

Here, then, lies the key point of our discussion; that sexual energies interact on a sub-atomic level, and that in the case of the voluptuous woman, this occurs on the deepest interior structural level as well. The concept of structure and/or structuralist theory will come up quite often in our inquiries regarding the BBW phenomenon, and will benefit from a brief explanation here. Structuralist thought as it applies to sexual analysis has to do with the ways in which sign systems are perceived and interpreted. The human mind is to be understood as a particular kind of structure, that is, it is formed and also functions according to certain patterns. The very word ‘mind’ is among the most subjective of words in terms of its ‘final’ meaning, and for this reason we don’t want to be confusing it with ‘soul,’ or ‘spirit,’ or other strictly metaphysical connotations, but rather as what we think of as our ‘interior energy-system.’ It is within this energy-system, the mind, that the final interpretation of outward signs is accomplished. Proceeding one step further, we also understand that our minds admit to conscious processes and unconscious processes, and it is here that our study actually begins; in the depth and mystery of the unconscious mind.

When we speak of the Unconscious, we are referring to an extraordinary network of influences that interact in multifarious ways—all of which we are fully unaware—to form what we come to know as our ‘personalities,’ our understanding of ourselves as ‘individual entities,’ separated from all other entities by whatever boundaries we may agree to recognize. In other words, these influences that comprise the Unconscious are actually much smaller energy-systems acting beneath the surface of that larger energy-system we’re calling ‘the mind.’ These systems organize themselves at our deepest levels in meticulously ordered units, and these we refer to as ‘structures.’ The Unconscious, then, is a system of structures operating to define the individual AS individual according to its content. This content is received not only from the more obvious influences of environment and genetics, but also—and most importantly—in the form of structural coding that issues from an even deeper level known as the ‘collective unconscious.’ This may be thought of as the more or less cumulative development of humanity itself—reflected in ones own unique form—as it has continued to evolve throughout history from man’s earliest beginnings to the present. It is from these deeply hidden realities that our religious and sexual urges originate. Together they constitute a desire for ultimate transcendence that is built in to the human psyche, and it is through obsession with Voluptuous Woman that this desire is most purely manifested within the context of our everyday waking reality. In the next segment, we will go much further and critically analyze this vast mystery called ‘The Unconscious’ and the incredible ways in which it gives birth to our love and worship of the Big Beautiful Woman.

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The Theory Of Attraction: Why We Like What We Like…Or Not

The prevailing theory of sexual attraction, standardized in the Psychological Community, is that desire is based, in the man’s case, upon a woman’s projected child-bearing potential, and in the woman’s case, upon a man’s projected provisional potential. Allegedly, our neanderthal roots have left us encoded with two particular strains of innate criteria for sexual attraction: having babies, and hunting/gathering. Of course, most of us know that this theory was prevalent in psych classes, like, 30 years ago, but amazingly, I just found it repeated as absolute fact in a college textbook published in 2007 and currently being used as a basic text in present-day university curriculum. Is it just me, or did this notion go out with rumble seats? OK, way before rumble seats. These ‘healthy’ women and these ‘responsible’ men account for a relatively small percentage of the population, and yet, people of all shapes and sizes are getting their ya-ya’s out on a regular basis. Stick people are getting it on, the handicapped are getting it on, the fat people are getting it on, gays are getting it on, lesbians are getting it on…shit, even amputees and mongoloids are getting it on. And yet, none of these conform to any kind of ‘ideal physical-social’ kind of paradigm. So what gives? Well, it’s pretty obvious that the ‘fit for family-hood’ prototypes have been obsolete for aeons; really, since the time cave men started drawing sketches of their full-figured paramours on the walls of caves all over the known world. And so, if primitive man was already reveling in his one-tracked obsession with big women, what remains to be said for modern man? Are his sexual preferences instinctive, or are they based solely on the expectations of his peers? Is his sexual predilection rooted in evolution or in something much deeper? Something unique to his person? Well, in the final analysis these are all rhetorical questions because the obvious answer is that sexual orientation is something personal, inexplicable, and forever resistant to analysis. While it’s obvious that perhaps a strong cross-section of men in our society chase exclusively after the media-driven female stereotype, the remainder seem not to be influenced by it at all and find their sexual ideal in women who don’t fit the stereotypes in any way. This alone is proof positive that sexual attraction cannot be gauged by any standards other than those expressing the ineffable and multitudinous formative drives that reside within the deepest level of a man’s being, a level at which all that defines him is expressed in his irrepressible passion for the ultimate woman; the feminine ideal that resides within him, and within him alone. And for a growing contingent of men in our culture today, that ultimate woman is full-figured, imposing, challenging, and simply stated, more woman than men are accustomed to handling.

And so it is revealed as a matter of strict fact that the attraction to big girls is in no way an aberration within the ‘norms’ of preference among modern men. Men who pride themselves on independence of thought and action, who are bold enough to stand firm in the face of cronie-criticism, will always acknowledge their preference for ‘women of substance,’ by which they are most certainly not referring to a woman’s financial status. (At least not primarily.) Sexual preference is based upon that which has stopped a man in his tracks when he was yet very young, long prior to any notions of adult responsibility of any kind, let alone parenting. And when he stumbles upon his first powerful and beautiful big woman, take my word for it, he is going to be altered emotionally from that day forward. He is going to become a slave to her dominant presence. He is going to have the most exquisite fantasies of dying between the crush of her powerful and irresistible thighs, and he is going to pledge himself—knowingly or not—to her service for the rest of his life. Of course, this same kind of ‘deviant’ sexual attraction will also rear its head in all instances of gay attraction, lesbian attraction, inter-racial attraction, ANY kind of attraction that fails to fit this ludicrous ‘sex = reproductive potential’ paradigm. This is Sex….the one truly ineffable mystery that confronts us where we live, the obsession that haunts us moment to moment, year to year, throughout the remainder of life. It is the portal to true religion, and those of us capable of being present with our emotions understand perfectly that none of it has anything whatsoever to do with our notions of parenting. It has to do with our notions of The Absolute, of Cosmic Consciousness, of the meaning of all things, of our finite life-span, of Being-in-Itself, of what we conceive…as god.

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